Test Engineers want data.

Automated Test and Measurement that Scales.

Validation and Characterization shouldn’t hold back Product Designs.  Let’s get ahead of the cycle.

Deadlines getting in the way of your Test and Measurement Data?


Test Deployment Failures

Thetic works with Test Engineers to create ‘always available’ test stations running a consistent stack of test sequencer, code modules, instrument drivers, and results processors.  Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is then continuously ready to execute.


Debugging Code Endlessly

Stepping through LabVIEW or Python code on the production floor indicates that run-time errors are difficult to pinpoint.  Thetic develops procedures with your Test Engineers for the delivery of self-documenting code that directs you to unexpected issues so that they can be resolved.


Disconnect from Designers

Design cycles rely on the results data from automated validation and characterization tests.  Thetic replaces the traditional fence between Designers and Test Engineers with the common goal of getting to a releasable product.


Incomplete Test Data

Thetic introduces test flows into test sequencers, such as TestStand, that deliver test data as it becomes available, rather than waiting on test code that is yet to be implemented. A partial set of trusted test data is better than a sequence that cannot execute.

Thetic is committed to Automated Test Excellence

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Workshops that get your engineers Talking

Thetic knows that your engineers are your most powerful asset.  Well-planned workshops get the people with the most hands-on experience enthusiastically contributing.  It’s a lot more than a whiteboard and sticky notes.

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Measurement Code that you can Maintain

Thetic assesses the skill level in your team and uses a coding style that delivers maintainable measurement code.  When your requirements demand that you upskill, targeted walk-throughs are included.

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LabVIEW, Python, and TestStand courses for Test Engineers

Thetic’s classroom courses for Test Engineers lead with structures for building practical test sequences that can be debugged and understood by almost any user.  Packaging code modules, incorporating instrument drivers, nested sweeps, and more.

Test Engineers prove you can now sell a product. Before that, you're just selling promises.

- George Tsalavoutis
Georgios (George) Tsalavoutis, founder of Thetic Engineering Ltd.

Hi, I'm George. I founded Thetic Engineering Ltd.

I have over 15 years in the Test and Measurement industry, working nearly every day with clients on Automated Test Equipment (ATE) in Production Test and Lab Validation. I have analyzed everything from picosecond trigger pulses on semiconductors to faulty hiring practices that overlook the top talent on the market.

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